Signing with baby – How can I help your family?

I’m passionate about helping as many families as possible benefit from using baby sign language with their children. It is such a simple thing to introduce but has a very powerful effect. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Or how to keep the ball rolling.

Help me to help you!

  • What questions come to your mind when you think about signing with your baby?
  • Is there something that puts you off?
  • Anything that worries you?

Please complete and share this form with other young families so that everyone can benefit!

Fill out my online form.

Recent feedback from a workshop, from Dani, April 2017:

“Thanks Roya for a fun and educational class! Jax and I had a great time and we are constantly practicing the signs you have taught us!”

Workshops are held every month in the centre of beautiful Delft, Zuid Holland. Get in touch by email (info  @ for dates and pricing.

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