Baby Sign Language

Come and join us for a fun baby sign language workshop in the heart of beautiful Delft at the wonderful Womanhood Studio. 

Small children growing up with sign language, due to living with deaf family members, are able to communicate much earlier than their peers. This was noticed and baby sign language for all infants, especially hearing ones, was born.

Could signing benefit your family?

Why try?

Have you ever wondered what your baby is thinking? What if they could just tell you what they need?

Baby sign language is a simple yet powerful way to connect with your child, even before they can speak.

  • Learning a few simple gestures allows you to avoid a lot of the frustration and guesswork that happens when your baby cries.
  • Easier communication strengthens your bond.
  • Recognising and eventually using signs supports your baby’s cognitive development, building their vocabulary and laying the foundation for reading.

“The introduction to sign language was very nice, interesting and fun!” -Elsa, July 2016

Baby Sign Language – Essentials

In this workshop you and your baby will learn the signs for the essentials; milk, eat, more, father and mother, please and thank you, bedtime etc.

No previous experience with signing is necessary, we’ll cover a simple method that will get you started straight away. You’ll sing and sign a couple of nursery rhymes. You’ll meet other parents and their babies.

“A great introduction to signing with your baby. I couldn’t believe how many signs we covered in such a short session!” -Lynsey, August 2016

Baby Sign Language – Getting Ready

This workshop is intended for families who are already signing a bit and would like to build on that foundation.

You will learn signs that are very useful when getting dressed in the morning and for the all important bedtime routine. You’ll also sing a couple of nursery rhymes and get to meet other families.

“Thanks Roya for teaching us a new way to communicate with our babies. My little one and I really enjoyed your class.” -Yadira, August 2016

Sign up!

These workshops are very popular, a lot of fun and sell out fast.

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I can’t wait to welcome you and your little person to the next one!