One to One Private Courses

Courses are designed for each individual student. This means you get exactly what you need from your course.

  • Your first lesson will be a free 30 minute Skype or telephone class. We will use this time to confirm your level and set goals.

Your choices:

  • You can choose to study on an intensive course (10 hours per week, depending on availability) or on a regular course (from 30 minutes to 4 hours per week).
  • We can meet in my classroom in the Hof van Delft. We can meet in some other convenient location, like your home or workplace. Or you can study remotely via telephone, email and Skype.
  • You can study general English which can help you in everyday life or on holiday.
  • You can study English for your job so that you can be more confident at work.

“You always encourages me. and your understanding what I spoke gave me confidence on my English. And you also taught me living English, which I cannot learn in textbook.” Goro Miyamoto, one to one course pre-intermediate level – March 2014.


Courses are occasionally arranged for small groups in my Hof van Delft classroom and will be advertised locally. Email for information about current courses.


The cost of the course depends on how much time you would like to study with English Voice. There is a fixed hourly fee. Please email info @ with information about your availability and budget and we will find a solution that suits you.